Watch The Rivian R1T Do Things It Shouldn’t

Although watching Jay Leno blast through a Los-Angeles tunnel in an angular, porno-inspired space truck with a front end shaped like a meat cleaver and no side mirrors is great internet fuel, it does little for the regular truck buyer. Those among us, and there are plenty, who admire their truck for its go-anywhere, do-anything attitude might look towards an electrified future with some doubt. Then, along comes newly founded EV manufacturer Rivian with a video that should quell any concerns about lack of fun in just 1 minute and 36 seconds.

The video in question features their all-electric truck, the R1T, doing things usually reserved for the F-150 Raptors and Tacoma TRD Pros of the world. Although details are still scarce, Rivian claims the R1T will feature ‘400+ miles’ of range, accelerate from 0-60MPH in 3 seconds, and tow up to 11,000 pounds. The performance comes courtesy of a quad-motor system that powers all four wheels, generates 750HP of ‘good, clean’ horsepower, and has been water sealed to allow wading in depths over 3 feet.

The R1T is expected to enter the market later this year as a 2021 model, with prices starting at $69,000 USD before rebates and incentives. It’s sibling, the R1S SUV, will be priced slightly higher at $72,500 USD. Availability is currently via pre-order, however, Canadian launch details are yet to be announced.

Although we’ve seen plenty of electric vehicle startups come to the market and sputter out shortly thereafter, videos like this in combination with significant backing from companies like Ford and Cox Automotive are certainly promising for the future of Rivian. At its best, a product like the Rivian R1T could do for the offroad/adventure vehicle segment what the Porsche Taycan recently did for the sports car world – show us that an all-electric future doesn’t have to be a boring one.

Check back for more updates on future availability and other cars that we’re excited to try.

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