Porsche Debuts Entry Level Taycan EV

Porsche has announced the launch of its base offering Taycan, although it will initially be exclusive to China. Currently available in varying levels of lunacy in North America, from vomit inducing (Turbo S) to laughably quick (4S), Porsche has taken a top down approach to launching their flagship EV. 

This launch is the first time we’ve seen Porsche’s attempt at the sub 100K EV market, an increasingly competitive segment. 

Their offering will come very well equipped with a 79-kWh battery, with an optional 93-kWh pack also available. Claimed performance is 402 hp, an estimated 257 mile range, 0-60 acceleration in around 5 seconds and a larger front trunk (frunk anyone?) than its big brothers. 

It seems inevitable that the baby Taycan will make its way into North American markets, and when it does you can expect a starting price of around $80,000. This will position the diet Taycan directly adjacent to the Tesla Model S in pricing, performance and target market. Your move, Elon.

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